Sunday, December 26, 2010

parbeut pengendara motor...

this accident happened yesterday when i just arrived at Depok. I was really shocked seeing how brutal the motor rider are nowadays. i think i was not as brutal as them when i rode my vega few years ago.

i wonder how they become so brutal as if the had nine lives as cats have. does it have any significant correlation with 'genk motor' which was mushroomed these past few years?

this makes me think more than twice to ride motorcycle again. whenever i ride motorcycle carefully, other people may ride their motorcycles carelessly.

1 comment:

  1. huahahhahahahaaa~
    u talked as if U DIDNT do the same thing when u were a rider several times ago.. :pp


    iyah, emang meresahkan uyy.. parah tuhh! udah jangan ada yang pake motor, pake angkot aja semuaaa.. nemenin aku!! haha