Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Loner

In a world full of people I stand alone
Changing my direction to get a bigger home
I used to think it would get rid of my loneliness
Leaving dearest friends and relatives to be closer to more beloved ones
It seemed to sail smoothly in spite of small waves hitting me
I  never imagined that new boat I was sailing on would make me lost in a huge storm
I thought we could stick together during the storm and stay together till we find an island to settle down
The storm ended but it made us separate
I was left behind on an almost sinking boat while the others swim together to get a safer place
I was betrayed by high expectations I once imagined
Now, I am lost in a giant wave
I have nowhere to go
I have nothing but loneliness within
After all I was a loner
And I am a loner, now

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