Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Nightmare Hospitality

People are celebrating Ied with their beloved family. They will gather around and visit their relatives. While visiting the relatives,  certain people will face several nightmare questions.

Different people will have their own nightmare questions.  For single fighter,  the most terrifying question is when you will get married.  For newly-wed couple the most annoying question is when you will have a baby. Meanwhile, one-child family will get bored hearing when you will have another child. There are many other horrifying questions for other people like college students,  son in law, etc. 

Personally, this year I am not bothered with those questions. The most mood-breaking questions for me is where you will go hometown. Well, I was born and raised in Depok but I've been living in Bandung since 2007. When I was living in Depok,  Bandung was my hometown. It changed specifically to Sarijadi district while living in Bandung.  At least,  it ran like that untill last year on Ied. Starting this year,  I don't have any hometown.

Although my mother is from Garut and my father was from Kuningan,  those cities are no longer their hometowns. They are just two towns without home.  Now, Bandung -especially Sarijadi district- is no longer my hometown. It is an empty home.  It's not as warm as it used to be.  The home starts to be left by its members. I live in the town but I cannot find my hometown. How pathetic I am. 

I made extreme decision by staying at mom's house with mom.  We won't visit people we used to visit.  I want to know if people will visit us. I want to know if we are still counted as family. So far,  my action brings positive impact.  My uncle and my aunt came and we had a good chit chat. My mom can talk to her younger brother and vice versa. 

My neighbor cousin came and I know that we count a lot on her and her family. It made me less relieved.  At least,  I know that she still cares about us like she always does. It doesn't mean that my other cousins don't but they seldom visit us so this year I want them to really visit us. 

I do not prepare much for Ied.  I cooked food for two people and thanks to Allah,  many people send food to us. I don't allow my mother to spend much on food that wouldn't be eaten by guests.  If they come they will just pay a visit as a guest not as relatives. That's what I think.

So, being person without hometown like me will feel sad when I get the mood-breaking question.  Do not hurt me by asking that kind of question to merely show your hospitality.  It is such a nightmare for me.

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