Saturday, June 24, 2017

Lost in Dramaland

I was once walking away from reality
Through the dark of wood I found fantasy
I followed fireflies flying to light
Show me the way through middle of night
Long I walked, be strong I tried
Not to shed tears, but finally cried
I desperately want to go home where I was grown
But no one hears my sorrowful groan
Then I woke up in a wonderful land
Everything I saw was joyfully grand
I fall for its beauty
Hypnotized,  I hold myself not to be crazy
I am too far engaged in its glory
Praise the people who are lovely
One day,  I dreamed to go back
Ready to forget everything I lack
Going home isn't something I can do alone
No one realized that I was gone
Sweet memories I reminisce
All good times surely vanish
I keep walking on the land
Rabbit leads me while holding my hand
Looking back to dark forest
Staying here to take a rest

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